Designed to act as a catalyst for lively conversation and big ideas, the Skyward table projects a bold and confident presence. The table’s distinctive look is created by the ascending lines of the base, which intersect the sweeping surface of the tabletop to yield a dynamic form with clean-cut edges that accentuate structure and craft.
Evoking a lofty sense of purpose, Skyward is ideal for board rooms  and corporate meeting rooms, as well as the executive office or a private dining room.  Material and finish choices allow for unique aesthetic solutions appropriate to the space and the spirit of the setting.      
LED lights beneath the tabletop illuminate and accent the geometry of the table bases.
Main base panel and small recessed panel on base can be specified independently, permitting a mix of materials and finishes, including veneer, brushed metal, powder coated metal, and stone.
Concealed drawers preserve purity of line while providing discreet wire management and access to power.
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