Savor, an addition to Gunlocke’s wood guest seating portfolio, focuses on clean lines and refined details and delivers on a strong sustainability promise, featuring a unique bio-material in its seat-back construction. Savor just received a coveted Best of NeoCon Editor’s Choice on opening day of the NeoCon, North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors.
Using the influencing aesthetic of the planes and edges found in executive casegoods, designer Alyssa Coletti of Nonfiction Creative, LLC has unveiled a chair that ultimately is at home in any office setting, alongside a variety of desking solutions. 
“Minimalist lines and flat planes provided me with a starting point for my initial sketches,” Coletti explains. “While Savor’s design is based on a prototypical guest chair, it isn’t typical. Its elements have been shaped to unify the wood and upholstery into a continuous form.”  
Savor’s finely tailored styling features faceted elements of transitioning proportions throughout its framework. Its back-post design, which consists of a beveled, dually tapering form, effortlessly melds the wood elements with the upholstered back, acting as an aesthetic cornerstone that carries the surface design through all of the exposed-wood elements. The upholstered back transitions from a curved surface that cradles the user’s back into a forward-turning curve that sweeps under the seat. 
“I played with the nuances of the surfaces and worked to elevate those,” Coletti explains. “I wanted them to catch the light differently and work them so something interesting happens to them. Also, I wanted this chair to be complementary to other office furniture but also still stand out in the room.”  
Savor is available in ash, maple or walnut in any of Gunlocke’s standard wood finishes and upholstery options. An optional wood or upholstered top rail also is available.
Designed with the environment and end-of-life in mind, Savor is durable, repairable and upgradeable, featuring 86 percent renewable content thanks to its innovative myco-board seat back (9.31 percent), wood components (71.38 percent) and textiles, if a natural material, such as leather, is specified (6.21 percent). Savor is the first chair in the world to use a new biomaterial that is made using a natural organism rather than a chemical adhesive. 
The myco-board technology used in the seat back is created from agricultural byproducts, such as corn stalks, which are glued together with mycelium – the analogous roots of mushrooms. Mycelium acts as a natural, self-assembling resin, eliminating the need for chemical glues or resins the seatback board. This natural, compostable, bio-degradable material has been certified under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) bio-preferred program. Myco-board materials are Cradle to Cradle® Gold Certified, the highest level of certification achieved to date by any product or material.
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