Coletti created Convo with constant comfort in mind. The stool is available with either an elegant carved ash seat or an upholstered version, comprised of a supportive cushion enveloped by a rigid shell. This shell, made of fiberglass-reinforced urethane, is filled with a supple and resilient molded foam cushion that provides a comfortable seat for a short stay or an extended work session. 
The combination of the seat’s streamlined, sculptural form and materials that reflect Gunlocke’s soul as a wood manufacturer creates a progressive design that is true to Gunlocke’s past. The steel frame for either model is available in polished stainless steel or in bronze, silver or black powder coat finishes.   
“I designed the seat to be especially supportive of the sitz bones and tailbone, where hard seats can cause pain,” Coletti explains. “The seat dips down and the cushioning impact is the greatest in that area. I wanted the seat to feel like it was cradling the person using it.” 
Available in bar and counter heights, the upholstered Convo features bottom and top shells that can be customized with two different upholstery options from Gunlocke’s full line of fabrics and leathers. The carved solid ash seat version offers a sleek and natural statement piece.
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